Portman Academy

We are very proud to provide high quality learning & development opportunities for all colleagues. For ease of reference our Portman Academy is divided into 8 clear “zones”, each designed to support colleagues with their personal & obligatory learning requirements.

The Induction & Onboarding Zone

Great inductions make for great people, and this zone prepares our colleagues to get up to speed with Portman life as quickly as possible so they can be a success from day one.

The Mandatory Zone

Some elements of our learning programmes are compulsory, meaning that we remain a fully compliant organisation.

The Patient Journey Zone

Our patient journey zone addresses the passion we all share for providing the highest standards of patient care.

The Leadership & Management Zone

Successful organisations require strong leadership and we are proud of the way we develop our senior teams and management colleagues.

The CPD Zone

This zone explores how our colleagues can make the most of their Continual Professional Development obligations.

The Clinical Zone

We are immensely proud of the ability and experience of our clinicians treating patients at Portman. The Clinical Zone is our education and training offering that spans virtually all phases of implants, restorative and cosmetic dentistry.  This zone has been established to allow our clinicians to draw on the theoretical and practical experience of Portman’s senior clinicians, and helps our dentists to stay abreast of the most progressive and advanced techniques in dentistry.

The Career Progression Zone

This zone explores the opportunities available to our colleagues to bridge specific learning gaps should they wish to be considered for a different role within the Portman family.

The Integration Zone

Our newly acquired practices need support, guidance and initial training & development to help support their transition into the Portman family.  This zone provides such activity.

For further information on the Portman Academy, please contact Andy Veitch, Head of Learning & Development on 07824 159296 or email academy@portmandental.co.uk