Clinical Freedom

Gary Chapman explains how Portman Dentalcare preserve clinical freedom.

clinical-freedomCorporate Dentistry has many failings and I believe one them is the lack of understanding that some groups have with the term ‘Clinical Freedom’.

It would seem that many groups seem intent on having highly qualified medical professionals picking from a list of products. Clinical freedom is the only way the clinician can perform in the best interests of the patient and in my mind, it’s the choice to use whatever technique, material or procedure that the surgeon feels will create the optimum outcome.

At Portman Dentalcare, we do believe that the core consumable materials should be fairly standard, afterall it makes sense to be cost effective with buying power, however this list is agreed by consensus with our Clinical Board. This is a fluid list ,which is constantly monitored, it evolves as materials improve, change and develop. These materials make up around 90% of what is actually used within every clinic, but the other 10% is the key. The key that separates one surgeon from another.

We know that what can work well in one person’s hands doesn’t work well in the other, so Portman Dentalcare allows the clinicians to choose the implants, composite, etc that they feel comfortable with.  We take this freedom to choose, one step further as believe that ‘Clinical Freedom’ should encompass the technical relationship that they have.

Speaking with lead clinician of Edgar Buildings Dental Care, Bath, Philip Pettemerides, he confirmed our Clinical Freedom policy.

“Since joining Portman over 4 years ago, we’ve carried on using the materials we have always used. The same goes for laboratory work too. In fact Portman organised a discount, so we get a better deal on our lab charges,” advised Philip.

As a former technician and laboratory owner, the relationship between a dentist and technician is built up over many years. Frank discussion, hand in hand with technical capability, has built great practices as well as great laboratories and cannot be dismissed or abandoned just because I the dentist had sold to a group.

At Portman Dentalcare we guarantee your ‘Clinical Freedom’, your choice of laboratory, material or procedure, so long as it complies with regulations, which is just as it should be.