General Care of Teeth

At Portman Dental, General dentistry is at the core of what we do, providing treatment to remove decay, protect your teeth or restore your smile.

In order to retain your natural teeth for as long as possible, you need to take a proactive approach to your dental health. Regular examinations of your mouth are essential to prevent serious decay or damage to your teeth. They can also save your life too as your dentist will also perform an oral cancer check using specialist equipment. (This check is performed annually).

Whatever treatment you require, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands with Portman Dental.

Dental Examinations

Oral Health

Prevention is always better than cure. Regular examinations of your dental health and having your teeth cleaned professionally are essential to protect the health of your teeth and gums.

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Children’s Dentistry

Dental care should begin at an early age. Plaque will begin to form as soon as a child’s first tooth arrives. Brushing teeth twice a day, a balanced diet and regular check ups at the dentist are essential to ensuring healthy teeth and gums for life.

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Fresh Breath Treatment

fresh breath treatment

Bad breath (halitosis) is a serious problem suffered by one in four adults damaging people’s self-esteem, social and professional lives.

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Hygienist Services

Dental hygienists meticulously clean your teeth and are specially trained to provide deep and highly effective removal of plaque. This is an essential part of protecting your dental health and ensuring you have strong teeth for life.

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Somnowellmain image

The good news is that the overwhelming majority of people suffering from problematic snoring can be effectively treated using a Somnowell.

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What is a mouthguard? A mouthguard is a specially made, rubber-like cover which fits exactly over your teeth and gums, cushioning them and protecting them from damage. When would I need a mouthguard? It is important to wear a professionally made mouthguard whenever you play sport that involves physical contact or moving objects. This includes: […]

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