Veneers are used to make teeth look natural and straight by improving their colour, shape and position. They are particularly effective when teeth are discoloured, broken, chipped or crooked. Each veneer is individually made for you to fit perfectly over the surface of your existing teeth. They perfectly match the colour, appearance and translucence of your natural teeth, restoring, and often enhancing your appearance.

There are 2 types of veneers:

Porcelain veneers – these are incredibly natural and can be produced to the finest detail. Your natural teeth will require some preparation, some of the enamel will be removed to allow the veneer to be cemented securely over your tooth and are usually fitted over 2 -3 appointments

Composite veneers – These require no preparation of your natural tooth and can be fitted in a single appointment. They do require regular 6 monthly appointments to ensure they maintain their appearance.

Smile makeover with veneers and whitening




Patient Testimonial

New Smile

“Just a little note to thank you so much for your patience and attention to detail whilst giving me a new smile. I’m very happy with my veneers!”
– M


  • Can improve the shape, colour and position of your teeth
  • Can make your teeth look natural and healthy
  • Little tooth preparation is required
  • Whitens teeth permanently
  • Can greatly improves the appearance of your smile

What are the alternatives:

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