Join us in helping to raise awareness this Bone Cancer Awareness Week! 11th-17th October

Bone Cancer Awareness Week – 2021

Here at Portman Dental Care, we are proud to be working in partnership with the Bone Cancer Research Trust (BCRT) ahead of and during ‘Bone Cancer Awareness Week’ which runs from 11th–17th October. This year, BCRT are focussing on Primary Bone Cancer (PBC) of the skull face and jaw to help raise awareness of the symptoms, what you should look out for and the importance of regular dental check ups to help spot the early signs. Of all the new cases of PBC in the UK, 14% occur in the skull, face or jaw. 

Our webinar

To support Bone Cancer Awareness Week, we are jointly hosting a webinar to dental professionals across the UK, presenting symptoms and referral pathways for primary bone cancers and tumours. If you’d like to be involved, use the below button to sign up. 


It is likely that there is nothing to worry about and these symptoms are often indicative of something less serious, but it is always best to have it checked out either at your dentist or your GP.

From dog walks to bake sales, to learn more about how you can get involved and help raise awareness for Bone Cancer Awareness Week, visit the Bone Cancer Research Trust below.


Hear from our Founder and CEO, Sam Waley-Cohen on our partnership with BCRT for #bonecancerawareness:

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