About us

Portman are a team of professionals who care about one thing only. You.

At Portman, our senior team has a wealth of experience from the worlds of finance, commerce and health. We have been drawn together through a collective ambition to ensure excellence in dental practice. Our vision is holistic and simple: you are at the heart of everything we do.

CEO and Founder

Sam Waley-Cohen

Clinical Director

Mark Hamburger

Chief Operating Officer

Mark Welch

The Portman team

Driven by excellence.

We are passionate about treating patients as we would like to be treated ourselves. Our passion is underpinned by our investment in our people and our technology, ensuring truly excellent care from the patient lounge to the clinic.

Finance Director

Darren Milne

Portman Clinical Board Advisor

Rebecca Ingledew

Portman Clinical Board Advisor

Chris Lucas

Portman Clinical Board Advisor
& Portman Regional Clinical Lead - NI

Pearse Stinson

Portman Clinical Board Advisor

Ghite Bhavra

Portman Regional Clinical Lead - South East

Stuart Jacobs

Portman Regional Clinical Lead - South and South West

Philip Pettemerides 

Portman Regional Clinical Lead - North

Roy Bennett


Dental Industry Award - Portman Dental Care
Private Dentistry Awards - Portman Dental Care
The Dentistry Awards - Portman Dental Care
BDA Good Practice Award - Portman Dental Care
Elite Practice Award - Portman Dental Care