10 years of Portman: Rebecca Sadler

This year we’re celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Portman Dental Care by sharing the stories of some of the people and practices that have been part of the Portman journey so far.  

Rebecca Sadler has been with us from the very early days and set up the first practice to join Portman, becoming Portman Dental & Implant Clinic Maidenhead upon joining the group in January 2009. Rebecca then joined Courtrai House Dental & Implant Clinic in Henley on Thames as Lead Clinician, and in 2018 became Director of Clinical Dentistry at Portman, offering dentists clinical and compliance support.

Rebecca's reputation has seen her grow a very loyal following of patients, with several of her patients still travelling to see her for their dental care despite moving away. In fact, her furthest patient is currently living 10,500 miles away in Sydney, Australia! 

Find out more about Rebecca's journey with Portman, and what she thinks makes us unique: 

This year marks the celebration of our 10th anniversary, over 100 practices, and our 2000th Portmanite. Find out more about the Portman journey so far. 

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