Coping with dental health during lockdown

Although our practices are currently closed to help minimise the spread of COVID-19, we want to ensure that we are still there to support each of our patients at this time. We wanted to understand how people have been coping with their dental health during the lockdown, so we carried out a survey to find out more. 

Here were some of our key findings:

Info Graphic Lockdown


If you are struggling with who to contact or where to go for help with dental treatment, as well as understanding what is classed as urgent dental treatment, or an emergency, then please click for more advice 

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If you are suffering with any dental issues, then in the first instance we would recommend that you contact your dental practice to talk to a dentist for advice. Our practices are still open for phone or video consultations at this time, and our teams can recommend steps you can take to help combat common dental problems in the first instance.

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