It’s National Nurses Day!

To celebrate International Nurses Day this year, we’re taking the time to applaud our nurses from all corners of the PortmanDentex world. That’s over 2,000 trainee and qualified nurses* – in a range of roles including: dental nurses, decontamination nurses, dental implant nurses, head dental nurses and orthodontic nurses (to name a few). But whatever job they’re all doing – they all have one thing in common: providing our patients with the care and support they deserve, enabling healthier, happier lives – every day. So, please join us in recognising them all and the incredible work they do.

*Information correct at time of publication: April 2024

      This year, we hear from one of our nurses about some the reasons why she thinks PortmanDentex is a great place to work, with a particular focus on how we’ve helped her progress in her dental career.

      “I started off as a receptionist five years ago, and now I'm a dental nurse. I'm not the only one either – four other people in my team started off as receptionists and they're all now nurses too. I've worked for the same practice for the whole my dental career and wouldn't work anywhere else – I absolutely love my team and the practice I work in. I've only been a dental nurse for just over three years, but I feel like I have progressed so much in that time. I'm always being encouraged to learn more and that's what keeps me going. I need to have something to look to, otherwise I'll get bored and there's no chance of that here. Since I qualified as a dental nurse, PortmanDentex have paid for me to do my six-month radiography qualification so I'm able to take patient x-rays, which essentially frees up time for our dentists. I've also been on lots of knowledge-building courses including, dental implants, digital scanning, sedation, impression taking and suture removals. I'd like to go back to university to become a hygienist, but to be honest I love it here so much I don't want to leave! There's lots of opportunities to move in to other roles here too. I could become a head nurse, treatment coordinator and even a practice manager if I wanted to. Looking to the future, I'm looking forward to becoming a specialist dental nurse once I've got my sedation qualification.”

      Grace 2

      Grace Crocker, Dental Nurse at Hereford Dental & Implant Clinic

        Dental nurses at PortmanDentex

        By becoming a PortmanDentex dental nurse you'll work with the best clinicians in the industry, where you’ll learn from their expertise – plus we'll go above and beyond to provide you with excellent career progression, so you can achieve your ambitions. Many of our PortmanDentex nurses benefit from paid learning and development opportunities, that will help them establish their clear career pathways. Our PortmanDentex Talent Team have enrolled hundreds of our qualified dental nurses into post-graduate training including orthodontic nursing, dental implants and fluoride application. We also run development workshops just for our nurses, such as impression taking.

          Curious to find out more?

          If you’d like to find out more about training to become a dental nurse, or if you’re a dental nurse looking for a new opportunity – search our current vacancies.


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