Join the call to raise awareness this National Smile Month 16th May – 16th June

    Every year, the Oral Health Foundation calls for dental professionals and communities to come together for National Smile Month through a variety of initiatives, activities and competitions. Here at Portman Dental care, we are committed to raising awareness of the significance of good oral health, and National Smile Month is the perfect time to celebrate and educate. This year, we have joined forces with the Oral Health Foundation across a series of activities to increase awareness of this important campaign. 

    What’s happening and how can you get involved:

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    The Great British Brushathon – 15th June

    One of the fundamentals of maintaining the very best standards of oral health, but not normally something done as a collective; we will be encouraging everyone to join thousands of others on 15th June in brushing their teeth and sharing selfies across social media of this daily routine.

    Take a picture or video of yourself while brushing and post it on social being sure to tag us and the Oral Health Foundation.

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    Sharing your smile around the UK

    We recently did some research and discovered that not only do a third of us feel that a smile gives us the most confidence over anything else; over half of us notice a person’s smile first when we see them, so we want to see yours.

    Take a picture of you smile and share on social with #SharingASmile and let’s get everyone smiling this National Smile Month. 

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    Rate My Plate

    Ensuring we eat a well-balanced diet is not only good for our overall health, but good for our mouths. What can become confusing though, is what foods are or aren’t good for our oral health and just as important, when we eat them. With ‘Rate My Plate’ the aim is to cut through the noise and help put together to perfect plate of food by rating yours. 

    Take a picture of your plate at mealtime and post it on social or send it to Oral Health Foundation via email

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    Nominate a Smile

    We all know someone who goes above and beyond, or who makes us smile with theirs. With ‘Nominate a Smile’, we’re encouraging everyone to take the time to recognise someone who inspires you. They may be a true community champion or have just gone above and beyond to do something that you feel needs recognition.

     To nominate, send a picture of your chosen nominee along with a brief description of why you have nominated them. Please also include their age and where they're from.

     All email entries can be sent here

      For other ways to get involved, please visit the National Smile Month page at the Oral Health Foundation here.

        Further advice on maintaining good oral health

        Tooth decay remains the primary reason for child hospital admissions in England, but there are many ways in which it can be prevented. We have a collection of advice and guidance for children and adults on how to maintain the very best oral health:

        Child With Dentist

        Children's hygiene

        As a parent, you will understandably want to ensure that your children have the best overall health possible and good oral hygiene is a key part of this as your children grow

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        Balancing your diet

        A healthy, balanced diet is just as important to provide your mouth with the right nutrients, but limit the foods that can cause problems.

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        Taking oral hygiene to heart

        Our teeth act as the gateway to the body, so ensuring that you have stellar oral hygiene will ensure you avoid more serious health conditions.

        Longwell Green Check Up

        Dental examinations: More than just a check up

        When you visit our practice, our clinicians don’t simply just check your teeth; they provide a full dental health examination.

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        Portman Dental Care and Dentex Health have merged to form PortmanDentex. To find out more about our new brand