Practice Spotlight – Manor House Dental & Implant Clinic, St Austell

This year we’re celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Portman Dental Care, and sharing the stories of some of the people and practices that have been part of the Portman journey so far.  In this week’s spotlight is Manor House Dental & Implant Clinic, based in St Austell.

Manor House Dental & Implant Clinic was our first Cornish practice when they joined in August 2016 and pride themselves on their patient service, community engagement and a strong work ethic amongst their friendly colleagues.

We spoke to Practice Manager, Nicola Hoar, who has been part of the team at Manor House Dental & Implant Clinic for 36 years and seen the practice go through significant developments, including joining Portman.  

“I’ve been working in the practice for 36 years and whilst we had a fantastic team to begin with, being part of Portman has only strengthened this in the three years since the practice joined the group. Right from the get go it was evident that our ethos was aligned with Portman’s in that patient welfare and satisfaction is our priority.

The provision of first-rate patient care is built upon the strong foundations of our team, both in practice and our extended support. From Dentists, Nurses, Hygienists and Reception staff to our support from colleagues at The Port; we all work extremely hard together for our patients in a collaborative manner.

When our patients visit us, we want them to know that we place an emphasis on their care and we pride ourselves on the experience we offer. From the moment they walk in the door, we want them to feel comfortable and deliver an unparalleled experience that they value, in a relaxing environment.

I absolutely love coming into practice every day, interacting with both my colleagues and our patients alike, whilst watching the practice flourish. We are well established in the area and we work extremely hard to maintain our reputation. As we look to the future, we want to develop our practice in a sustainable manner that keeps the core focus throughout.

Aside from dentistry, we’ve always enjoyed engaging with the local community and this is something we continue to encourage. Whether it’s a local charity initiative or something fun like the St Austell Torchlight Carnival, we’re always keen to get involved. Another reason why I love working at Manor House.”

The growth of Portman has been an amazing journey, made possible by the energy and commitment of the colleagues, and through practices such as Manor House, who have had a huge impact in making Portman what we are today.

Located in the centre of St Austell, Cornwall, Manor House Dental & Implant Clinic is proud of the reputation that it has established within the industry and especially the local are. The practice is home to highly experienced clinicians, priding themselves on excellence in orthodontic, implant, cosmetic and restorative dentistry, in addition to private routine dental care.

This year marks the celebration of our 10th anniversary, welcoming our 100th practice on board, the opening of our brand new orthodontic practices – Portman Smile Clinic, and our 2000th Portmanite. To find out more about the Portman Journey so far, follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn, or read our latest articles.  

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