Spooky season snacking

Halloween is fast approaching, and whether you celebrate by trick or treating with the kids, enjoy a fancy dress party with friends or simply cosy up with a favourite film – there is no avoiding the influx of sweets. The supermarket shelves become stocked with ‘grab bags’ and ‘family sized sharing packs’ – whether you like Halloween or not, the temptation is there.

      And that’s okay! Celebrating and getting involved with Halloween, or treating yourself to some extra gummies is fun for both children and adults. But if you are conscious of the impact of sweet treats on your fangs, we wanted to give you some top tricks and treats to enjoy the spooky season while looking after your dental health.

      Dental Hygienist Suzanne Masters from Portman’s Walker & Associates Dental and Implant Clinic in Faringdon, Oxfordshire, has outlined 7 ways to help keep your pearly whites healthy and happy:

      1. Try to eat and enjoy fun size bars rather than full size. These have just as much taste but less sugar and calories

      2. Try to limit the frequency of sugar consumption by eating sugary foods at mealtimes

      3. Try to avoid extremely sticky or chewy sweets as they hang around on teeth for longer and are even more likely to lead to tooth decay

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      4.  They may be tempting, but try to avoid sour sweets, as these contain acid, which is harmful to enamel

      5. Chew sugar free gum – it helps to wash away acids and bacteria after eating sweets and is good for your jaw health

      6. Brush your teeth after eating sweets to reduce the risk of sugar causing cavities

      7. Hard sweets and lollipops take a long time to dissolve which leaves plenty of time for your fangs to become coated in sugar, so try to avoid them

      If you’re welcoming trick or treaters to your door, we have some alternatives to sweets to include in your Halloween bags:

      • Fruit bags – these can be found in most fruit aisles in supermarkets
      • Vegetables – such as bags of carrot sticks or baby tomatoes
      • Dairy – small tubes of yoghurt or cheese snacks are a great source of calcium

      If you’re keen to try and opt for healthier choices this year, but you don’t think your children will be quite so on board, we have an idea! When children come home, see if they will trade some of the sweets for alternative treats, such as a cinema ticket, a small toy that they have wanted or a family day out.

        If you’re looking to be the Joker (fancy dress and humour), we’ve rallied around the Portman team to bring you 10 Halloween themed jokes to tell your family and friends. We hope you giggle at these as much as we did!
        1. What is a ghost’s favourite meal? Ghoulash
        2. What did the werewolf eat after he’d had his new implants fitted? The dentist
        3. Which dinosaur had the healthiest teeth? A flosso-raptor
        4. Why does Dracula brush his teeth 3 times a day? To prevent bat breath
        5. What kind of toothpaste do vampires buy? Ultra-bite
        6. What time was the witch’s dentist appointment? Tooth hurty
        7. What was the ghost dentist’s most popular treatment? Teeth frightening
        8. What did the dentist say at the end of the mummy’s dental appointment? Let’s wrap this up
        9. What did the ghost say when he found out he had cavities? Boo hoo
        10. When does the werewolf know he needs to go to the dentist? When he howls at an ice-cream spoon

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