Messages of support from our Portman Clinicians

Your care is our concern, we want to ensure that we are still here for you at this time. So we set out to be as clear as possible with advice and guidance during the period of disruption cause by the Coronavirus pandemic. Hear what our Portman Clinicians had to say about our support.

Portman have been exemplary...

‘During the Covid-19 lockdown period, Portman have been exemplary in providing positive, transparent and reassuring communication to me on a professional level. Using platforms in order to provide weekly webinars introducing colleagues to keep us all up to date on the direction of Covid-19 and where we stand as clinicians, returning to clinical duties.

On a personal level the information that Portman have provided to me over the last several weeks has allayed my worries on returning to dentistry. The group as a whole have worked tirelessly in order to provide a safe return to work protocol not just for me as a clinician, but for all our patients too…. John Hewitt Dental Surgeon. City Centre Dental Practice, Manchester

The team are working so hard...

I am just writing a short note to say how impressed that I am with Portman and the way in which the Covid19 situation has been managed.  It has been incredibly difficult for everyone involved and the speed and scale of the problem really floored us all.  Throughout the build-up and the shutdown, itself Portman have been very open and honest as to how we should go forward despite the lack of clarity from the government and the changing nature of the issues. 

Strong leadership from Sam and the Exec team was essential and they set an excellent example for the whole business.   The webinars have been a real success and I think the Portman family will be much stronger for this experience.  I am so glad to have joined Portman when we did and feel incredibly reassured that the team are working so hard for everyone within the company.  We are not through this yet, but I think that we will be in a great position when we emerge and I feel very positive about the future with Portman. Andy Crighton, Dental Dimension, Launceston   

Guidance and support...

Portman Dental have communicated with us at every step of the way, throughout the Covid pandemic. Guidance and support are always offered and shared through twice weekly webinars which have been invaluable during this uncertain time. Dr Daniel Sutcliffe, Manchester City Centre Dental Practice

I would like to thank them for looking after us...

“When the CDO and red alert communications came through informing me that I was no longer able to practice dentistry, as I know it, it was like the world had come to an end! After 35 years I was unable to do the job I loved. The social media frenzy heightened this anxiety as there was so much speculation and uncertainty in how we, as dentists, would survive this period of lockdown personaly, professionally and financially. Very quickly the Portman executive team put in place Covid online communications in the form of emails and webinars. Over the following weeks the atmosphere has changed from initial panic and uncertainty to acceptance, reassurance and producing an action plan to move forward. We are now at the stage where we are planning to return to a new world of dental care in Portman 2.0 which is a result of the hard work, knowledge and dedication of the Portman team. I would like to thank them for looking after us as best they could in this unprecedented period in time” Dr Raymond Murphy, Bothwell Dental Practice, Bothwell, Scotland

Portman's efforts should not be underestimated...

Throughout the current crisis, it has become increasingly apparent that Portman have been working incredibly hard behind the scenes to safeguard the emotional and professional wellbeing of staff, clinicians and patients.

Examples include the furloughing of staff to help sustain personal finances, regular team support though the use of webinars and email communications, not to mention the huge amount of time and expense sourcing all the required PPE and other items that will allow a safe return to work at the earliest opportunity to care for our patients.

Portman’s efforts on our behalf should not be underestimated and it is to their great credit that during such a difficult period they have been able to achieve so much”    Dr Gordon McGovern, Aviemore Dental Practice

It has been very reassuring...

‘As a recent addition to the Portman family I have been hugely comforted and impressed with the professional way they have been handling the impact of Covid 19. It has been very reassuring to know that the best advice, equipment and operating procedures will be present for our patients and staff when we reopen.’ Mark Pimble, Lander Dental Group, Truro

The team have been working tirelessly...  

Portman Dental Care have handled the Covid 19 pandemic situation in an excellent way. One of our core values is “to treat everyone as we would want to be treated ourselves.” This has shone through in what has been done for the Portman family and patients both professionally and personally. The Executive Team and colleagues have been working tirelessly from the outset, and continue to do so, as we get safe working practices put in place to get back to our clinics to look after our patients in the best way possible. Dr Arshad Ali, Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry, Glasgow

Portman have been extremely impressive... 

Throughout this emergency Portman have been extremely impressive. Open, honest and very fair with payments. The whole team have been kept up to date with bi weekly webinars

They’ve been in discussions with experts all over the world to ensure we have the correct knowledge to open the business correctly when advised having sourced air purifiers, and enhanced PPE to ensure the continued safety of the team and the patients. Keith and Debbie Morgan, Malpass Dental Practice, Newport

Strong leadership and guidance...

"During these very uncertain times due to the Covid 19 pandemic Portman have provided strong leadership and guidance. We have felt that the health and wellbeing of all their staff and patients has remained central to the decisions being made.  Much time and effort has been made to keep people up to date with developments, plans and procedures required to allow our practice to reopen allowing staff to work and patients to be treated safely."   Paul Rudin, Peveril Road Dental Practice, Nottingham

We've been well led, involved, supported and informed...

In such strange times, dealing with Covid 19, it has been truly reassuring to be part of the Portman family. I feel that we have been well led, involved, supported and informed. I also have confidence that we will be able to offer the highest level of safety for our patients and our teams.

The Portman ethos of treating others as you would be wished to be treated yourself runs deep throughout the family and this willingness to do the right thing will be the reason that the Portman family will continue to grow and succeed. I am proud to be a Portmanite. Dr Melanie Moody, Principal, Beaufort Dental Health Centre, Buxton

I'm grateful so much energy is being put into staying in touch...

As a young fella getting such a buzz walking through the door of Glasgow Dental hospital in my Twenties, I couldn’t wait to be a Dentist. Over the last 25 years my dreams came true- The opportunity to treat patients help people, fix teeth, solve problems and become part of an amazing team built around solid healthcare.

Then as we all know, around about seven to eight weeks ago our foundations were under a microbiological attack. What should we do next?

So I’d like to take this opportunity to thank team SCED and the full team at Portman Healthcare for the way they have chosen to handle this. There’s been days where emergency legislation has arrived and then almost implemented on the spot. The Board at Portman have introduced at times almost daily webinars to keep everyone fully up to speed. There have also been kind donations to Portman Benevolent Fund to help those in dire straits at a time when individuals are challenged financially at home and yet still giving generously to so many charities. 

Educationally the spring webinars have kicked off. I’ve enjoyed the first two held by our own Drs Arshad Ali and Abid Faqir- thanks guys!! And I look forward to ones approaching. In strange times like these, holding together as a team shows human compassion and forward thinking at its best. One of the best compliments the Portman team could have is -one of my friends who is a practice owner contacting me

“I hear Portman Dental Care are buying Air purifying units and PPE. Could you let me know what I should buy? “

 So, to all of our team, I am grateful that so much energy is being put into staying in touch and to looking for a way that will enable us to safely work together once again for the benefit of our patients. Dr Scot Muir, Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry, Glasgow


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