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Teeth Whitening

Why teeth whitening?

If your teeth are stained from general use and ageing, tooth decay, fillings or tartar build-up then they can become discoloured.  Teeth whitening can be highly effective at enhancing your appearance, which is why it has become so widely used. Teeth whitening is now popular with both men and women of all ages who are looking to achieve a fresh smile through a short,  non- invasive procedure.

 Before & after

This gentleman requested a whiter appearance of his teeth. These images show the dramatic result that was achieved using the Enlighten tooth whitening system.
teeth whitening patientteeth whitening patientteeth whitening patient

The Process

What is involved?

Your dentist will start by giving your teeth a good clean in order to remove and surface stains or tartar. They will then record the shade of your teeth using either a colour chart or by taking a digital photograph. This allows us to agree with you what shade of whiteness you would like. Then depending on the treatment option you choose the treatment varies.

In Surgery Whitening Technique

This is highly effective, but needs to be carefully carried out. Firstly protection is placed around the gums, lips and cheeks, and you will be given glasses to protect against the effects of the whitening light being used. Then the whitening agent is applied to the teeth before being exposed to a specialised lights source to activate it. This process takes around 15 minutes and is done three times. Once this is completed your dentist will carefully wash all the whitening agent off your teeth. You will immediately see how much whiter your teeth look.

At Home with a whitening trays

An impression is taken of your teeth and two custom made trays are made to contain the whitening gel. Patients take the trays and gel home and wear the trays for prolonged periods (usually through the night) for several sessions until the bleaching process is complete.


  • Whiter, brighter teeth
  • Can improve your confidence
  • Can greatly improve the appearance of your smile

What are the alternatives:

Some dental treatments and services on offer may differ from clinic to clinic. Please call your local Portman Healthcare dental clinic to find out which treatments and services are available.