The road to recovery

During these unprecedented times, Portman recognise the need to pull together as an industry, collaborating with our peers to ensure that dental practices across the UK reopened safely and as efficiently as possible, providing national access to healthcare for patients. We have conducted extensive research into science, clinician papers, governing advise and learnings from dental practices across the globe in order to develop our own protocols and procedures. We may not have all the answers and will continue to update our processes as the Covid pandemic evolves and new insights are available, but we are happy to share our current plans with the wider dental community for any dentists who are seeking guidance. We hope you find this useful….


Messages of support from our Portman Clinicians

We set out to be as clear as possible with advice and guidance during the period of disruption cause by the Coronavirus pandemic. Hear what our Portman Clinicians had to say about our support.

    Restarting safely

    During our recent ‘Restarting safely’ webinar, we shared our new Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) with the wider dental community. If you missed this, you can request a copy of the recorded webinar, along with our SOPs here. Published date 21st May 2020

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      Personal Protective Equiptment (PPE)

      As clinicians we are used to PPE, but with so much still unknown about the COVID 19 virus we now need take extra precautions. For Portman this means ensuring that all of our colleagues and clinicians are trained, safe and confident in this new world of PPE. Here’s some hints and tips for coping with PPE…..


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