Oral health tips 

Whilst lockdown is easing and our dentists are open, health and dental health alike should still continue to be a top priority for many people right now.

Maintaining a good oral health routine isn't only important when you cant visit the dentist but it should be an all-year round focus. Helping to ensure your teeth, gums and mouth stay strong and healthy.

There are lots of simple steps you can take at home, as well as things that you are best trying to avoid, to help improve your dental hygiene and minimise the risk of any future problems. Here are just a few you can try:

For further advice on caring for your teeth at home, read more of our articles here.

Or you can always ring your local dental practice for advice. Find your nearest Portman Dental Care practice here:


If you are struggling with who to contact or where to go for help with dental treatment, as well as understanding what is classed as urgent dental treatment, or an emergency, then please click for more advice 

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If you are suffering with any dental issues, then in the first instance we would recommend that you contact your dental practice to talk to a dentist for advice. Our practices are still open for phone or video consultations at this time, and our teams can recommend steps you can take to help combat common dental problems in the first instance.

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