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Portman Dental Care practices are committed to technological innovation. Our dentists are highly trained in the newest techniques, and throughout our practices we have some of the very latest dental equipment*, giving you access to the most effective and least invasive dental treatment there is.

Visual monitors: Intraoral cameras enable your dentist to take you on a visual tour of your mouth on screen, and simply explain any treatment you might need.

Advanced scanners: Your dentist can take precise images of your jaw and bone structure with lateral cephalometric radiographs, enabling them to provide highly accurate diagnoses and recommend the most appropriate treatments.

Low radiation x-rays: Our clinicians use digital x-ray equipment. This means that they are able to access images instantly, and it also reduces radiation by up to 90 percent.

3D scanning: Cone Beam Tomography (CBT) scans offer detailed three-dimensional information of the teeth and jaw. Your dentist will use these scans for implant treatment planning, to ensure precise results.  

Computer guided surgery: Using the results of the CBT scan above, our clinicians can produce surgical guides to place implants without the need for conventional surgery. This method is incredibly accurate, less intrusive and decreases post-operative discomfort.

Powerful microscopes: Our practices are equipped with high-tech dental microscopes to enable your dentist to make detailed examinations and accurate diagnoses.

Advanced sterilisation: Every instrument at your Portman  practice is disinfected using watertight procedures and the latest technology to ensure complete sterility, and peace of mind for you.

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* equipment across Portman practices varies. Find out what’s on offer at your nearest Portman practice.

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Our teams are highly skilled in preventing anxiety, and have a wealth of experience treating patients with dental phobias.

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            About Portman

            What’s the vision for Portman?

            We want to represent great dentistry. We want Portman to be known for its clinical standards and its ability to look after people, and it’s about having the internal culture that represents that.

            Corporate dentistry has previously struggled to build a good reputation, and Portman aspire to be the group that better represents corporate and clinical governance, supporting its clinicians to deliver great dentistry.


            About Portman

            How big will Portman grow?

            It’s not about being big; it’s about being the best. We’re successful, but we’re growing at a pace that enables us to continue to recruit the right people, and stay true to our vision and values.


            About Portman

            How do you measure success?

            We want our practices to grow. We don’t set out to cut costs, we look to grow turnover while managing fixed costs. We want to grow your revenue significantly ahead of inflation to drive profit.

            However, if you just focus on profitability, you might use cheaper materials or reduce staff, and that’s not how Portman works. We focus on growing the success of your existing business, working around a model that already works well for you.

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