We’ve worked together to emerge even stronger. 

Covid-19 has not been easy for anyone. Working closely with our clinicians and practice colleagues, Portman practices returned to delivering great patient care as quickly and safely as possible. With with enhanced safety measures in place including gold standard PPE and state-of-the-art air purifiers. Find out more here.

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      Let us introduce you to the Portman way

      When you join Portman Dental Care, we are adamant that you don’t see this as simply selling your practice, but rather joining a family. We also firmly believe that your dental practice doesn’t have to change what has made it successful. We understand that for all of you, your practice will have been a labour of love with strong vested interest in its ongoing success. This is where we believe Portman offers something different.

      We will support and nurture growth. We’re here to develop your practice to be the best it can be, while offering guidance and taking away the everyday stresses of running a business, so you can focus on your passion for dentistry.

      The Portman way at a glance

      • Retained local identity - We realise that you have built up the reputation of your practice, so we ensure this is something that you keep, but with the added benefit of having corporate support for all central functions.

      • Specialist experts focussing on your business - As you settle in, our integrations team is full of passionate and knowledgeable individuals to help guide you through the entire process. Once you're integrated, you will have the support of expert teams from each central function to help business run smoothly.


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      • Our clinical freedom is just that - We don’t have a list of recommended labs or a defined core list of equipment. You have the choice of the equipment and suppliers that you use.
      • Clinical development - We strongly encourage CPD, professional fulfilment and future opportunities for all, with an entire department devoted to clinical needs and advances, focussed not only on career development, but the future of dentistry. From introducing industry-leading safety measures - including the introduction of air purifiers and an advanced patient journey - to working towards rolling out a group-wide digital workflow, we champion development
      • Clinical Involvement - It is essential that our clinicians have a voice, which is why we encourage participation in contributing to the direction of the the strategy of the entire group.
      • We are led by example - Our founder and CEO, Sam Waley-Cohen, plays an extremely active role in the business, ensuring that the DNA and culture we were established with holds true to this day.

      Why Join Portman? As the leading private dental group in the UK, don't just take our word for it, hear from the clinicians that have joined Portman.

      Clinical freedom

      We value your clinical freedom. So you can make decisions that are right for your patients, supported by our clinical and compliance teams

      Locally managed

      With an operations and clinical management team built around your practice, we are on hand to support your local needs.

      Take the stress away

      With the support of our dedicated central teams, you can focus on continuing to deliver exceptional patient care.

      "Portman have been exemplary in providing positive, transparent and reassuring communication..weekly webinars to keep us all up to date on the direction of Covid-19 and where we stand as clinicians, returning to clinical duties." - John Hewitt - City Centre Dental Practice, Manchester
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      Join the dental group that is open for business...

      Talk to our dedicated team 

      Considering selling your dental practice? Arrange a private conversation with our dedicated mergers and acquisitions team.

          Portman Dental Care and Dentex Health have merged to form PortmanDentex. To find out more about our new brand